Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a little more time!

Well it's been awhile since I have written anything, as you might have noticed. But in recent days I'm reminded of some very important things that I think are worth spending some time talking about.

Let's begin with "time". Time is something you never have enough of. It is something you wish you had back and it is something that sometimes doesn't go by fast enough. I can remember in high school wishing that time would hurry up. Now as a parent there never seems to be enough and I am always wanting more.

This week with another snow fall in Oklahoma, I had yet another snow day from work. The kids were wanting to go sledding and I had told them I would take them. However, it was bitterly cold and there were other things I could have done. But if I didn't go it would be one of those things that dad said he would do and didn't. So off to the frozen tundra we went. Besides the truck getting stuck and me almost breaking my foot we had a great time. We really did have a fun time! But when that event was over I thought to my self, "one day my children won't have time to go sledding or even want to." They are growing so fast and they need my time now.

That leads me to my next issue, death! Yes I know it's morbid and most people don't want to talk about death, but the Word of God tells us that we will all die so we might as well dive right in. Time is going so fast, it seems like yesterday I was 18 heading off to college with the world by the tail. Now I'm 39 wondering where the last 21 years went. Someday, and it will feel very soon I'm sure, I will be in my later years of life wondering where the last 50 years have gone. I will be looking death right in the face and probably longing for it to come. So this leads me to my question. Who do you want around you when you are lying on your death bed? Dad, will all your customers or clients or work friends be there as you enter into eternity? Probably not. Mom, are all your social clubs and charity work friends going to be there? Probably not. Pastor, will all the people that you spent countless hours preaching to and serving to going to be there? I doubt it. But it will be the ones you know best and love the most. Your children and grandchildren. The ones that carry your name that live out your character. The ones that carry on your legacy. Those are the ones that will be there when you die. Those are the ones we need to invest in now.

This takes me to my finale thought for today. Grandparents! Some of the most significant people in my life were my grandparents and particularly my grandfathers. They were significant and meaningful to me because of a couple different reasons. One because of their character! They were stand up men who loved the Lord and followed after His high standards. They spent their entire lives trying to be fully devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The second reason they were significant to me is because they invested in me. They took time to speak truth into my life and because they had spent time with me they had earned the right to speak truth into my life. Here's the thing, if you as a grandparent don't take time to spend with your grandchildren you don't earn the right to guide them through tough or challenging times in their lives. If those grandchildren don't see you as wanting to invest in them they are not going to listen when they need to be listening. And all it takes is a little time! Once again we are back around to "time".

If you are a parent take time to be dad or mom! Go sledding! Have a tea party! Play dress up! At the end of the day those children are the ones that are going to be there as you take the journey into the sunset of your life (thank you Ronald Reagan for that line).

If you are a grandparent, take time to earn your right to speak truth into the lives of your grandchildren. They will love you for it more than you could ever imagine.

These are some ways you can change your family tree. Don't be afraid to give it a shot if you want to leave a legacy that last for generations.

Paul Kersh

Family Tree Ministries