Monday, August 9, 2010

How bout them Cowboys!

Emitt Smith is my new favorite sports figure! If you caught his 24 minute speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction you know what I mean. I have always been a fan of Mr. Smith. Especially as a player. I can remember watching him run through the NY Giants with only one working shoulder. I can remember watching him break the all time rushing record when he surpassed Walter Payton (whom I also loved). I especially remember watching Mr. Smith along with all the other Dallas Cowboys win three Super Bowls. Those where good days for Cowboy fans.

Saturday night however, when I saw Mr. Smith give his speech I was more than impressed. Not because he spoke for 24 minutes without any notes or teleprompter. Not because he spoke so eloquently. But because on the surface it appears he cares about leaving a legacy. Toward the end of his speech he told of how he felt when he got the call that he was going into the Hall of Fame. He spoke about how he told his father and his son that he would not be going into the Hall of Fame alone, but that he would be carrying all of them with him because they all have the same name, "Emitt". He told them that they would forever be apart of the history and greatness of Football.

For a guy who cares about leaving a legacy, this was right up my alley. I love it when a guy realizes that what he can do now will affect what people will remember of him when he is gone. In essence this is the story of the gospel.

Jesus did something that causes us to remember him even though He is no longer physically here with us. He made a choice to give His life so that you and I might find forgiveness, love, grace, and mercy. His choice to die for the sin of mankind is a legacy that lives on today. He still forgives sin and He still offers love, grace and mercy. This is the kind of legacy that can change a life and a family.

Dad, we must remember that we do not walk in this world alone but we have precious gifts given to us by God who carry our name. They are looking to see what kind of legacy we are going to leave them. They are watching to see what they have to live up to. They are in desperate need of someone showing them right from wrong. They are watching to see how you love a family. They are waiting to see who will show them forgiveness, love, grace and mercy. These are the kind of things that will determine our legacy. These are the kind of things that will change our families. We must not be afraid to change our family tree so that we are leaving the right kind of legacy.

E.J. Smith may not remember every run or every touchdown his father made. He may not remember the heroics he showed on the football field. But you can bet E.J. Smith will remember that his daddy stood on the world's stage and told everyone that was listening how much he loves his family. He will remember his daddy humbling crying as he thanked those that had helped him along the way. He will remember that his daddy is Emitt Smith and that is all that matters.

Thank you Mr. Smith for changing your family tree.

Don't be afraid to change your family tree.

Paul Kersh
Family Tree Ministries


  1. I never EVER watch football, but in an odd turn of events, I watched this speech with tears in my eyes! I was so impressed. His speech came on the heels of hearing Priscilla Shirer encourage her audience of women to leave a legacy. Seems like God is confirming this calling in so many ways.

  2. A dad is concerned for his children. A patriarch is concerned for his descendants. Mr. Smith is a patriarch. I am humbled and honored that I can say the same of the amazing guy I'm married to, and of our treasured pastor. :-)