Monday, September 20, 2010

It's More than a Memory!

I imagine that most of us could look back and recall certain moments in life that have meant a great deal to us. Those memories help shape who we are today. They help mold us both for the positive and the negative. We all can recall times that had a profound effect on our soul. Something that happened we wished had never happened. Or we have had those moments we wish we could relive over and over again.

This weekend, I hope, was one of those profound times that will become more than just a memory to my eight year old son. This past weekend was a weekend that we had marked off on our calendars to get ready for the hunting season. We went to the place we hunt and cleared trails, hung tree stands, mowed down brush, and a host of other things that needed to be done before we could hunt. It was a full two days of hard preparation. But the great thing about it was that it was fun! There were five of us, all working together and laughing the entire time. It was a time for men to be men. It was a time for boys to be with their fathers.

It's these kinds of weekends that change a family tree. Why? Because you are creating more than a memory. You are creating a turning point! Turning points are when you receive more responsibility. Turning points are when you see the world is not all about you. Turning points are when you see that preparation, diligence, and hard work are required to be successful! I think for fathers to change the path of their family, to change their family tree, we must create turning points! Memories are great! We must create memories, but we must not forget to teach and instruct when those turning points come around.

This fall when hunting season begins, my son and I will go back to those hunting spots we cleared. We will spend time remembering what had to be done so we could have this memory together. We will talk about how preparation is important and hard work is important. We will remember what we did and why we did it. But we will also look and see why Christ did what He did and why it was important to us. We will see the preparation He went through to create a turning point in our lives. That time when we laid all that we have at His feet and claim Him as Savior.

Mom and dad, let me encourage you share your turning point to your children. Share with them that moment you asked Christ to be your Savior. If your children have not trusted Christ as Lord, help them see why this turning point was and is so important you . You see, in the big picture of life the greatest memory your children could ever have is a memory of a godly husband/father and a godly wife/mother loving and leading their family to Christ. This is the one memory that could forever change your family tree. Don't be afraid to embrace this turning point! Don't be afraid to change your family tree!

Paul Kersh
Family Tree Ministries

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