Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Be A Coward!

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday so I thought I would take a few moments and say thank you! Thank you to all the fathers who take the time to invest in the lives of their children. So many times we hear on the TV reports and in the Newspaper about the dead beat dads out there. And unfortunately it seems there are more dads out there that fit into this category than those that are concerned about the raising up of warriors for the Kingdom of God. So I think it is important that we say thank you to those dad's that love their children and the wives more than themselves. I also thank we need to say thank you for the lessons we have learned from our fathers.

Over the years I have learned many things from my father. I've learned the importance of hard work and working until the job is complete. I have learned that if you want to get better at something, hang out with people that do that thing better than you. I've learned that a good name is important, so carry your name well. I've learned that leadership is not entitled but you must earn the right to be called a leader. I've learned that it is OK to show affection to your spouse in public. I've learned that family vacations are important. I could continue going on telling you some of the things I have learned, but let me tell you one thing I have learned that I think is more important than all the rest. My father has taught me that there are no cowards in heaven!

Over the years I have seen my father stand up in the face of opposition because it was the right thing to do. I have seen him stand toe to toe with the enemies of God as he was giving someone the opportunity to accept the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. I have seen him go through battles with people that called themselves Christians but yet did not demonstrate any fruit of being Christians. It's these kind of things that have taught me there are no cowards in heaven only people that stood up in the face of the opposition and gave their lives for the cause of Christ.

As we approach Father's Day this Sunday let me encourage all the dads to remember there are no cowards in heaven! Stand for the right things! Let your family know that there is nothing more important to you than they are. Protect them from the evil of this world. Guard them from the impurity that exists to steal their hearts. Show affection to your family with many hugs and kisses (even in public)! Teach them what it means to love the Lord with their whole heart.

I know that typically Father's Day is a day when things are done for the dad or gifts are given to the dad. But this year dad, why don't you flip the switch on your family and do something for them. Tell them how much you love them and how grateful you are for them. Tell them that you will never be accused of being a coward because you love them to much and want to spend eternity with them. Remember there are no cowards in heaven, only those that truly understood what true love is.

Change your family tree dad, by not being a coward! Stand for what is right not what is popular. It seems the popular things to do is to be a dead beat. I challenge you to be a trouble maker and do the unpopular thing. Instead, be the hero! Someday your family will thank you for it when you all lay your crowns down at the feet of Jesus!

Don't be afraid to change your family tree!

Paul Kersh
Family Tree Ministries

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