Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Worship? Does it Matter?

Family devotions! For some reason those two words often strike fear into the heart of every father and or mother. And I think their fear is on multiple levels. Fear that you won't have the right things to say. Fear that you don't know enough about the bible. Fear that your children will be bored. And I think more often times than not it's not that we are afraid as much as we just don't know what to do or we simply forget and time slips away from us.

This past week I had a conversation with my kids one night while my wife was working a few hours at the hospital. We discussed what we can do to make our time in family worship beneficial to all involved. I asked them what I could do so that they would be able to engage in this thing called family worship. I received various answers. My son said he could draw a picture of whatever we were talking about from the Bible. My daughter, the quiet one, didn't say a whole lot but what she did say was profound. She simply said,"it's important that we do it!"

There in lies our difficulty. I think we have forgotten that family worship is important. I know there are times I forget. There are those times that life happens, time goes by fast and I forget. That tells me that I have not given the importance due to family worship that it deserves. If Jesus is truly the Bread of Life, and we always find time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and probably a snack in between. Than why wouldn't we find time for the nourishment of scripture and worship of our Lord. Ultimately it comes down to letting our call to lead our families become to casual.

So in an effort to refocus on the importance of family worship I thought I would take my wife's advice and wright a "how to" for family worship. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list but more of away to get started and keep it started. But remember, it really comes down to us not being so casual in our calling but instead embracing the importance of it. So her it goes!

Let's start with Sunday: Family worship doesn't have to be a class in theology. It's about worship! So start off the week by making sure you are with the body of Christ. There is something good and refreshing when you are with the body. However, for worship to be family worship on Sundays you have to do it together. So mom and dad, resist the urge to send the little one off so you can pay attention to the sermon or the songs. Worship is a family thing and must be the course you set your children on.

Monday: Pick a book of the bible and read some from it! It doesn't always have to be "kids story". Our children are smarter than we give them credit for, so don't underestimate what they can glean from the scripture. Sing a song. A hymn or one of those new fangled praise songs will work great! Pray! Let each member of the family pray. Help them pray. Model prayer for them.

Tuesday: Pray for the church! Pick out some people from you local body to pray for. Then write a note to that person telling them you are praying for them this week. Read a passage of scripture that deals with the church.

Wed: Read another passage from the book of the bible you picked out on Monday. Ask questions. Let the little ones draw pictures of what you read. Sing!

Thursday: Pray for each member of the family! Have each member of the family pray for one another. Read a passage that deals with family.

Friday: Read about a faithful servant of God. Read through a book or find information on line about some of the precious men and women of God that served Him with their whole life. Missionaries, Apostles, preachers, etc. All have stores that should be passed on about God's faithfulness. Then encourage your family to have a legacy that will live on.

Saturday: Pray for the service to come! Ask God to prepare your heart and the heart of your family for worship.

These are just some of the ways you can engage your family in worship. Again, this is not exhaustive and there is always room for expansion. There are no hard and fast rules. Only that it is a part of your life so that your family can see the value in growing and leading their families some day to Christ.

You want to change your family tree? Try doing family worship!

Don't be afraid to change your family tree!

Paul Kersh
Family Tree Ministries

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